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“Outstanding service with bottom-line results”

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PPB, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania company provides high quality medical billing solutions at rates, on average, of 20% less than most competitors. See Rates

At many billing firms, smaller practices are often overlooked or are not serviced the same as larger revenue generating firms. At PPB, we value all practices and will provide the same level of service regardless of revenue size.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the finest comprehensive medical billing services available. We will obtain the full fair reimbursement to which our clients are legally entitled and accomplish this in a way that ensures proper submission of claims and confidentiality. Our pledge is to not only deliver superior performance and service at a lower cost than other billing companies, but to establish a long-term relationship with our clients.

Today, one of the greatest challenges of any practice is balancing the demands of quality
patient care while staying up with the rapid changes in health care and reimbursement.

At PPB, our specialists will ensure all claims are filed accurately and promptly – within 48 hours – improving cash flow for your practice.


Our company does not initially require new clients to sign a yearly contract until after a two month trial period. It’s our way of offering a no-risk option. Also, during the trial period clients will receive 50% OFF their fee.